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Monday, August 5, 2013


If you were on the island a bit before noon today and saw a crazy woman making a U-turn on Padre Blvd...I admit, it was me.  I had been to CVS to pick up some prescriptions after finishing up Zumba and a work-out at Olympian Fitness Gym of Port Isabel.  I was icky sweaty and my hair was poking out all over the place and I had no intention of stopping between leaving CVS and taking a peak at the ocean (as I do every time my wheels drive onto the island) by driving down to a beach access on Gulf Blvd.  Beautiful day for the beach I'll my thoughts were happy as I turned onto Padre off of Amberjack.  That's when I did a double-take and impetuous U-turn.  I saw the new doughnut shop!!!  I had heard good things so, despite most certainly returning every bit of calories I had just burned off right back onto my butt, I decided to walk into this new potential den of iniquity...the first doughnut shop on the island since we've lived in the area. 

One of the things I missed about Austin when moving here was the absence of local doughnuts (that I know of); not even Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts...nada, zip, nothin'!  I do NOT count Wal-Mart doughnuts AT ALL.  They suck and are a total waste of calories.  HEB will do in an absolute craving pinch, but really, nothing to write home about.  I'm a lemon filled doughnut NUT and very rarely HEB has them so I cave.  I also really like a good yeasty glazed doughnut.  HEB's just don't do it for me.

So, I carefully stepped out of my car and surreptitiously looked around to see if anyone was watching me....I darted into the brand new Captain Donut!  It does not look like much from the outside - pretty mundane - but then you walk in...and inhale the dizzying delicious scent...and see the shining Pandora's case is in front of you...and smiling sirens are welcoming you.  OMG...what HAVE I done?  It would have been better not to know!
(not really)

I truly didn't expect much in the way of selection or extreme freshness considering it was nearly lunch time.  Boy was I in for a surprise!  Clean, new, lots of choices, nothing industrial looking in the case.  Yee Haw!!!  Donut nirvana!

After chatting with a couple of people in the shop, and the lovely Ms. Madie who created the S'mores Donut, I decided on a couple of donuts to go.  I got one of the basic glazed donuts and one of the aforementioned S'mores Donut.  I snapped some cell phone photos, and took my carefully packaged bag of donuts and left.  I fully had every intention of waiting to get home before I touched the bag.
The sirens of Captain Donuts.  Madie apparently spends her
time thinking up awesome donut concoctions.  Isn't that the cutest
apron and hat???

Then, imagine, the yeasty smell of fresh donut molecules sensuously winding their way to my nose, saying silently "come on Debbi, open the bag...just try a bite...just a bite".  Well, let me tell you, that glazed donut was out of the bag and in my belly before I hit the bridge.  I am so ashamed. (not really)

FRESH yeast donut with a delicate, not sloppy, sugar glaze.  Oh my.  Never would I have had the ability to eat just a bite.  It was a damn good donut.  I closed the bag and placed it out of my reach when I stopped at the light before the bridge.  Whew...close call, I could have inhaled the second one too had I had more immediate access.  I have no donut will power when the donut is as good as that glazed donut! (note I am officially changing my spelling from doughnut to donut because it is Captain Donut after all)

I made it home, fixed a cup of coffee from the last in the pot (love thermal coffee carafes - fresh coffee at noon, brewed at 6am), took a picture of the remaining donut and sat down to savor it. 

Imagine my surprise when I noticed it was gone...before even half my coffee was gone.    I am such a pig.  I had really not expected to love the S'mores donut because I'm not a huge fan of the usual chocolate glaze on donuts.  However, this was thin and tasty and added to the taste of the donut instead of overwhelming the donut.  These dudes (and dudettes) are awesome donut makers!  I hope and pray they make it.  Winter Texans...prepare to have coffee and donuts all Winter long down here.  We must keep this place in business for those times of utter and abject weakness when I turn into Homer Simpson and walk/drive in my sleep to get the donuts!!!

Next time I'm going earlier... I want to see every single option they have...including the Kolaches!!!
Until then, Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!

JULY 5, 2014

My son needed donuts after his haircut so we nipped across the street to visit The Captain!  Happy to find lemon-filled (delicious) and our regular faves glazed and chocolate frosted.  My gaze lingered longingly on the giant cinnamon rolls...and my bright idea was to buy two of them "for my husband"...yeah, that's the ticket.  Here are couple of photos - they were all gone lickety split...with fingers licked as well!  Still havented tried the Kolache...but I will!

Delicious 1/2 dozen from Captain Donut...yum!

Cinnamon rolls so big 2 barely fit in the box!
(I was happy they didn't have raisins...that would have been a no-go for me)

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  1. You had me drooling, and laughing, this whole blog! Sounds like I need to make a trip your way just to share coffee and DONUTS with you! :))


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