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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Cafe on the Beach at The Palms Resort

Father's Day 2012... Sunday morning late, we head towards the island on a gloriously sunny beautiful day.  We motored past a few of our favorite restaurants (it was almost 11:00) looking for someplace where breakfast was still being served.  Brunch, breakfast, whatever!  Every place we rolled by was packed to the point of bulging.  I finally turned to Mr. Flip Flop and said "do you have a suggestion?"  He said, "yeah, I'd like to go to the place at the Palms, the one on the beach".  YAY!  We'd never had breakfast there and I hoped they were still serving breakfast.  Considering it was Sunday and Father's Day, I reckoned we had a decent chance.  We knew we'd have a good view even if we were nudged towards the lunch menu.

We went at JUST the right time.  There were a few tables for two left (the teen had snubbed us again) and we were right at the edge where we knew we'd have an exquisite view as soon as the sun screen was raised.  Soon thereafter, the place was packed with nary a chair to spare.  Really good timing!

The waiter everyone is staring at - he balanced 4 plates up his arm
and several drinks (like 4) in one hand...
balanced on the edge of his thumb.
He was quite entertaining and could probably get a job
in the circus if the gig at Palm doesn't work out!!!

It was already getting hot, and the breeze only hit my legs because the sun screen also blocked the breeze from the top of the railing upwards.  It wasn't unbearable, but it was pretty warm - especially after the hubs started drinking coffee.  He eventually asked for ice and poured his coffee on the rocks - iced coffee a much better idea.  I'd already been brilliant and ordered their tropical iced tea.

We were lucky that the menu said breakfast was served until noon on Saturday and Sunday!  Woo hoo!

My breakfast choice was Eggs Benedict.  My better half requested the Breakfast Taco with sausage.  I could have sworn the menu said two, but he didn't remember (and when I double checked, it didn't).  It was fine, because I couldn't eat all of my meal, it was so rich.  He ended up eating half of my meal!

Now - I didn't get to try his Breakfast Taco, but he said it was delicious.  It looked delicious!  Generously filled with scrambled eggs, pork sausage, and cheese.  A side of salsa and a small cocktail pick of fresh fruit made for a pretty plate.

My Eggs Benedict were nicely presented with a side of has browns, crisped just the way I like them, and the same spear of fresh fruit.  I felt the Hollandaise could have had just a squeeze more of lemon, but maybe that was just me.  The Canadian bacon was a generous thick slice and the eggs were perfectly poached.  The English Muffins were more dense than I would expect, but again, might have just been me.  It was a nice celebratory breakfast option that was out of the ordinary for me and I did enjoy every bite.  (I can't say the last time I've ordered Eggs Benedict anywhere!)

The sun was just peaking over the roof when we finished our meal so we never did get to linger to look at the view while dining.  I did snap a photo as we were leaving, which I'll share here.

Hello, ocean!  I love you!

It seemed as if every family was in good spirits and even if the food took a little longer than usual to get served, I don't think a single soul cared.  The staff were very attentive and jovial and it was a lovely South Padre Island Sunday and Father's Day.  The Palms is a quirky little place, with a surprisingly nice beach side cafe.  I'm glad we decided to spend Dad's special day dining at The Cafe on the Beach at the Palms Resort!
From the parking area

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!

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