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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gabriella's Two-in-a-Row!

My sisters were in town near my birthday and we joined up at Gabriella's for dinner out.  One sister was visiting the island for the first time and we were telling her, now that we live here, Gabriella's is our favorite restaurant for consistent quality meals.  You can guarantee (almost) that there will be a long wait...and you can pretty much guarantee it will be worth that wait! Flavor-wise, they have not failed me yet!

Sorry about the cell phone photos...but it is what it is!

I got the Pasta Carbonara - full of creamy garlicky bacony goodness :-)

Baby Sister got the luscious and dependably delicious Lasagna.

Middle Beloved Sister got the spicy and sausage-filled baked rigatoni.

With a piece of Raspberry Cheesecake and 3 forks for dessert - dinner was memorable.

Then, the very next week, my husband was lamenting that I always went to Gabriella's when he wasn't in town.  So, I planned date night for the night of the Port Isabel High School Homecoming Dance.  The teen was dropped off and we rolled on to the island and Gabriella's.  Despite a 45 minute wait, my husband's plastic chair cracking and dropping him to the floor and barely missing hitting his head as we waited outside, it was still an awesome night.  The wait staff were celebrating Halloween dressed up in some amazing costumes, the temperature was in the cool 60's while we waited and enjoyed a view of the bridge and the bay, and our service from Green Man, our waiter, was impeccable.  I didn't spoil our ambiance by whipping out the cell phone for pictures.  My poor husband had already been traumatized by the cheap chair no photos.  However, he had Linguine with Clams and declared it very very good.  I had Roast Beef Papparadelle (this picture is from a previous visit) which really rocks. 

Mostly we enjoyed a night out together in the midst of happy people, good food, and outstanding service.  (It didn't hurt that we didn't have to fight for the bread and outstanding dipping sauce with the teen...he tends to hog it!)

Gabriella's is a place you definitely want to visit when on the island.  Don't be hurried...because they are on a Mama's Italian kitchen schedule...cooked to order and everyone wants it... so you WILL have to wait!

Bon Appetit, Y'all!!!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful meal you had! I love a good Italian pasta dish any day of the week :)

  2. All the pasta dishes look delicious!


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