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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


One of the wonderful, cozy spots to visit on South Padre Island is Paragraphs on Padre Blvd.  Joni (and Griff) have created a lovely independent book store filled with a really huge variety for such a little shop!  Comfy chairs, good conversation, and an amazing schedule of events are just the icing on the cake for anyone who loves a nice space to browse for books.  For me, book stores have almost become the libraries of today...when I was young we went to the library to whisper together and socialize, sitting at long tables in uncomfortable chairs, dragging our homework there to work with other like-minded individuals.  Book stores often serve a similar service these Austin the big box stores are so crowded with folks on their laptops and cozied up reading in the chairs that it is difficult to find a place to perch.  Like so many other small jewels on the island, a small book store is a true gem to find!

Paragraphs has taken the best parts of library, book store, and social "salon"...and incorporated them into the island's only oasis for those of us who love books, love to visit, and enjoy hearing interesting people speak about their passions.  I have been to book signings in the big city, lined up for a signature, no time to chat with the author...nothing like the book signings here!  Paragraph's "Meet the Author Series" are like a "social"...people visit, there's usually snacks of some sort, frequently wine, coffee, or's like we've gone to Joni's home and she has entertained us at a fine, yet comfortable, soiree.  (I can come with no make-up, shorts, and flip flops... I'd never have done that in the big city!)  I've listened to Seth Patterson talk about his outstanding El Valle, I've joined a circle of exceptional women who talked about living their dream as they read excerpts from Pat Avery's Roll Call: Women's Voices and most recently I spent 3 hours watching an amazing young artist, Michael Clark, create an outstanding oil painting in just 3 hours as he described his technique and displayed his beautiful works highlighting scenes on the Texas Gulf Coast. (He also has roots in Austin so that was an extra perk for me :-)  Upcoming events may be found on the Paragraphs' Facebook Page and they always seem to have something coming!

This week, Joni shared a fabulous little rum cake...I am determined to duplicate it.  She said a friend shipped it to Griff from the Caribbean...something like a Tortuga Rum Cake.  If I get around to making my take on it, I'll blog about it you can be sure!  Past events have featured yummies from Zeste, cheese and crackers, chocolates, and other little yummies.  What book store does that?  We are so fortunate to have them.

Visitors needing to get out of the heat...this is a great place to stop in.  You'll find activities you can take to the condo or hotel for the kids...lots of stuff on their shelves for the tots...including some toys and craft ideas besides an array of coastal-themed children's books.  There are no whispering library voices in Paragraphs...just lots of happy and interesting people. 

Living on or near South Padre Island is a wonderful thing...Paragraphs on Padre Blvd just makes it all the better!

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  1. Thanks so much!! And it actually was a Tortuga Rum Cake, I just forgot the name.

    By the way, I have a request for you - I would love to have you make the hummingbird cake for our Jeanette Larson book signing of her new book about hummingbirds.

    I will send you a note. and thank you so much for the very kind blog post.


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